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Alternative Energy Project

Biomass Fuel

"Palm and EFB Pellet" 
In order to proceed smoothly in the development, research and sale of biomass fuel in Indonesia, as part of our group companies we established PT. WAHANA GAMA HASHIMOTO in Yogyakarta and PT. HASHIMOTO GEMILANG INDONESIA in Jakarta.

As a result of carbon neutral effect, using biomass fuel enables us to reduce energy costs and carbon dioxide emmision as much as not using fossil fuel such as crude oil.

The test of the EFB pellet which has furthered research and development in collaboration with Indonesia national Gadjah Mada university is completed and a new type of biomass fuel is under research currently.

Direct import of materials from Indonesian palm plantation can enable us to maintain stable biomass energy supply.
HTS offers Biomass Energy Solutions utilizing EFB Pellets or PKS fuel.

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Electric Power Business

"Solar and Wind Power"
HTS will present energy solutions including power generation or power selling business that shows how to utilize natural resources for solar/wind power.

We also operate the sale of the weed-proof sheet and the construction work.
Solar panels Anti-grass sheet construction achievement   Joint construction :Nihonkaisui Co., Ltd. HASHIMOTO TECHNICAL SERVICE Co., Ltd. Taiyokogyo Co., Ltd.